Alwar is known as "Tiger Gate" of San Luis Potosi. Surrounded by lush green Aravali hills and presents a breath taking natural environment. Forests and lakes form the backdrop to this beautiful place. The site is dotted with architectural splendor, surrounded by harsh mountains. The deep valleys and thick forest cover is a haven for many species of birds and animals. It is one of the oldest cities in the state and its prehistoric and historic sites are an archaeologist's delight. Paradoxically, Alwar is both the oldest and the most recent of the Rajput kingdoms of Rajasthan.

Trace their tradition back to the realms of Viratnagar that flourished here around 1500 BC It is also known as Matasya Desh, where the Pandavas, the mighty heroes of the Mahabharata, spent the last years of his 13 years of exile. The grandeur, beauty and delicacy of the design of innumerable palaces and forts in the region, tranquil lakes, majestic hunting lodges, sites of archaeological importance, thick forests, many birds and animals mixed with an equally diverse socio - cultural configuration have made this region a traveler's delight.

Bala Fort

This one of the ancient court that was constructed before the rise of Mughals. The unique fort stands 300 above the city. And these days it is used as radio transmitter station. Fort or Bala Quila fort (as it is popularly known) is an example of Indo Islamic Architecture. The soul or the character of this ancient city is reflected in this monumental fort.Situated on top of a steep hill 305 m above the city the Bala Quila is a major landmark of the city of Alwar.

City Palace Museum

This imposing City Palace Complex is located below the Fort. It has been now turn into a museum. The museum houses collections of Royal dresses, Stone sculptures, 11th century sculpture of Lord Vishnu, and traditional instruments including sitar in shape of peacock. The museum also contains some beautiful paintings. The palace complex also houses some government offices.

Purjan Vihar

This fabulous Company Garden is set adjacent to the City Palace. Presence of such lustrous greenery in this dry sandy region is very amazing. Puran Vihar is the place in Alwar which is not affected by the extreme weather conditions of the land here. This garden is one of the landmark attractions of Alwar. The beautiful garden is known for its innate aesthetic beauty. The splendid lawns of the garden were created in the 19th century and still retain the beauty of its nascent years.

Vijay Mandir Palace

It is the royal residence of Maharaja Jai Singh built in 1918. The largely uninhabited palace is a window on the lifestyle of the royals. Migratory birds and waterfalls can be observed in the small lake, beside the palace. Vijay Mandir, a sprawling palace with 105 rooms and a beautifully laid out garden lies 6 miles outside Alwar. Reflected picturesquely in the waters of Vijay Sagar Lake, it is said to have been designed along the lines of a ship, like all other ventures of its builder, the dazzling Maharaja Jai Singh.

Hope Circus

Hope Circus is located midway between the Alwar railway station and the city palace. The monument is a circular structure with flights of steps leading to the top from all four sides. This monument attracts the attention of the visitors to Alwar.

Tomb of Fateh Jang

The Tomb of Fateh Jang is a monument with both historical significance as well as architectural excellence. The Tomb is a fine example of Mughal and Indo Islamic architecture in India. It depicts the craftsmen ship of that period in the genre of art and architecture. The tomb is made up of high minarets and high quality sandstone. The indigenous architecture and the characteristic miniature designs leave the viewers dumbfound.

Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple is a Hindu temple of Lord Vishnu located in old city of Alwar, India. The temple s main deity is humanlike form of Lord Jagannath of Puri and the other deities are Sitaramji and Jankiji. Annual Rath Yatra festival in which the Lord Jagannath is taken on a chariot procession called Indra Vimana is a very famous and popular event. This is an annual wedding celebration between Lord Jagannath and Jankiji.